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We are an open source, not-for-profit organisation, turning the social welfare model on it’s head.

Stuck in a Loop

The existing model of support is top-down and addresses symptoms rather than root causes.

People are falling through the cracks and we are seeing cycles of dependance and declining wellbeing. Those who are ‘helped’ by support services can feel ‘done to’ and disempowered.

Communities in Control

We are building a new model, one where communities are trusted, and supported, to solve their own problems.

This new model uses simple governance tools to gather the community voice while new financial tools, such as a digital community currency, enable supporters to directly fund community-led wellbeing initiatives.
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We are busy piloting this concept in Cannons Creek, Porirua.

Learn More About The Cannons Creek Pilot

"A promising and refreshing new approach to community empowerment"
Dame Diane Robertson

"This could make communities work....really work"
Malcolm Rands (founder of Ecostore)

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wellbeing projects

Make an immediate contribution to the Cannons Creek community fund. 100% of your donation will  fund wellbeing projects chosen by the community. Read more about the Cannons Creek pilot.

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Fund the larger vision

We’re looking for significant funding to build the tools that will enable this model to scale. Please reach out to start a conversation. You can learn more about the larger vision here.

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