Empowered communities
make a better world.

We are exploring how the world might look if our communities had the power and means to realise their aspirations.

Why we started.

The vast and widening inequality gap is what drives us.
We believe all people have the right to be well, to prosper and to live meaningful lives.

Our plan for change.

Empower local communities to maintain their own wellbeing.
We believe one of the most effective ways to help maintain people's health and wellbeing is to support the needs-based priorities that are defined by communities they live in.

What we are doing

We are building a new type of community infrastructure.
This infrastructure will provide communities with new ways of organising and the means to support their own wellbeing.

Our open source financial and governance tools will be designed to extend the rights of ownership and decision-making to all those affected by the activities in their communities. The first tool we are using will allow communities to coordinate financial capital to help solve problems that matter to them most.

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