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Are you living in East Porirua and interested in joining the pilot?

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  3. Come and see us at Wesley House, 206 Mungavin Avenue Cannons Creek every Tuesday between 12-3pm

We are currently working with the community of Cannons Creek and local organisations to pilot our new model. The pilot involves community members using a mobile based app that enables them to trade in a new community currency, the Cannon Coin (CAN). In this pilot, community members will be able to:

  • Trade with each other
  • Purchase fruit and vegetables from a local fruit and vegetable co-op
  • Create and vote on wellbeing initiatives that can be supported by a community fund

Contributors outside this community are able to support these wellbeing initiatives by contributing to the community fund via The Wellbeing Protocol.

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The Story So Far

For the last 6 months we have been working closely with Wesley Community Action - an organisation who have been actively supporting community led development initiatives in East Porirua for over a decade. During this time we’ve learnt about some of the life enriching initiatives that have been created by the community. Examples include; the Timebank, the Fruit and Vege Co-op, Good Cents, the Porirua Wealth Pool and Just Change. We found value alignment and saw an opportunity to combine our new economic tools with their “community led” based initiatives.

Starting Small and the Importance of Collaboration

Creating an economy can be a complex challenge but it’s possible if you start small. The scope of this pilot is limited by design and aims to answer the following questions:

  • How will digital wallet technology work in a community setting?
  • How will the coins/tokens be used within a limited economy?
  • Will simple governance tools combined with appropriate resources enable the community to enhance their own wellbeing?

In designing this pilot we attempted to create something that would be easy to understand and simple to use, while bringing some small benefits to the community from day one.

We also knew it was important to engage with the community and build with them not just for them. We have held a series of workshops and plan to hold more. You can watch a short clip of our first community meeting below:

How the Pilot Works

We're asking 50 people from the community to take part in the pilot which will run for 6 weeks. At the beginning of the pilot we will issue 50 Cannon Coin (CAN) to each person in the trial. These can be accessed via a personal digital wallet on their smartphone. For the trial 1 CAN represents $1 NZD.

Note: The CAN economy is a reserve backed economy. This means that for each CAN minted we will hold a corresponding NZD in a bank account. Seed funding for this pilot has been kindly donated by Wesley Community Action and Ngāti Toa Rangatira.

The app will allow people to use their Cannon Coin in four ways:

  1. Purchase a fruit and vege box’s from the Porirua Fruit and Vege Co-op (1 Box = 12 CAN - normally $12 NZD)
  2. Transact between themselves 
(similar to the current timebank)
  3. Contribute to the community fund 
(knowing they will get an opportunity 
to have a say on where the funds go)
  4. At the end of the trial people will be able to“cash-out” (i.e. convert their Cannon Coin to NZD). However this transaction will incur a 50% “tax” to disincentivise this (e.g. somebody wants to ‘cash-out’ 20 unspent CAN’s then they would receive $10 NZD in cash).

Within the app participants also have a simple way to come up with, and vote for “wellbeing projects”. We are working with the community to come up with a decision making process that would allow the CAN’s from the community fund to be awarded to the individuals behind the most popular wellbeing projects.

The last aspect of the pilot is for us to identify and work with potential donors who might be prepared to “top up” the community fund. That’s where you come in. Your contribution will directly fund community led wellbeing initiatives.

What Happens to my Donation?

Lets say you were to donate $100 to our Open Collective crowdfunding campaign:

  1. $100 would go directly into the Wesley Community Action (a registered charity) bank account set up to “back” the CAN coin
  2. We then mint 100 CAN’s and deposit them into the community fund account.
  3. The community will then decide to use these CANs to fund locally generated and led wellbeing projects and grow the CAN economy.

In summary 100% of your donated will go to supporting the wellbeing of the Cannons Creek community. After you donate make sure to sign up to our newsletter or follow our social channels so you can see the impact you’ve made.

Note: If you donate via credit or debit card the banks will take a fee (~2-3%). To avoid this fee you can choose to donate via direct debit/bank transfer.

Do you live in East Porirua and want to take part in the pilot? Just fill out the form below and we'll get you involved.

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