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Support Us

As an early stage non profit we'd appreciate any support you can give us. There are a number of ways you can support the project:


Connect us with communities and funders

  • We are currently looking to connect with communities and funders who maybe interested in trailing our participatory grant funding approach. We are always happy to jump on a call or grab a coffee.

Support the project financially

  • As a not-for-profit every little bit helps! We are now registered charity and anyone can make tax deductible donations via our Open Collective.


  • Or if you'd like to support with crypto you can! Our Safe treasury address is: thewellbeingprotocol.eth or 0x67e750242f78b12a6FaC2C45E2E6e9C5C91A4876. You scan the QR code below. Important: only send ETH and ERC20/ERC721 to this address.


Support a community directly

  • If you would like to directly support a community who is using our tools please get in touch.

Contribute to the project

  • We want to create a thriving community/ecosystem of people who believe in the power of community and want to contribute. If you think this is you please get in touch!​

Follow our progress and tell your friends

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