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There's a growing imbalance in our society.

We believe the answer lies in growing the power of community.

Our Vision

A world where local communities are empowered to support their own wellbeing.

We want to give local communities more power, more control and more voice. We believe one of the most effective ways to help maintain people's health and wellbeing is to support the needs-based priorities that are defined by communities they live in.

Our Mission

To grow the power of community

We believe that decentralisation technologies now give us the ability to scale localism and build a public good infrastructure that can used by communities around the world to support their own wellbeing. When complete this infrastructure will also enable local communities to coordinate value and leverage their collective voice to make change.


For the Web 3 curious, we see our infrastructure supporting the creation of community wellbeing Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs). (see our infrastructure FAQ for more).

Our Infrastructure Road Map

  1. Give funders and communities a radical new way to fund local initiatives. Our participatory grant making tool is now available to communities and it is currently being trialled by the NZ government.

  2. Use our grant making tool to build trust and engagement from both communities and funders.

  3. Equip communities with tools to prove their impact and build the tools to make it easy for a funder to invest in that impact (i.e. a funder dashboard).

  4. Attract multiple long term funders who can fund many communities. This will grow community power by reducing their reliance on a single funding source.

  5. Build out a suite of governance, financial and coordination tools to support localism and community wellbeing e.g. liquid democracy (steward elections, delegated voting, opinion signalling, reputation tokens), volunteer coordination/incentive tools, savings pools, local currencies etc.

  6. Support communities to generate financial and other wealth from within to reduce/eliminate dependency on funders. (e.g. traditional asset investment opportunities, Defi integration etc.).

  7. Support communities to leverage their collective voice and use the tools to signal and influence wider systems (i.e. local and central government and corporations).

  8. Enable communities to interconnect. Create “Coordi-Nations”:  voluntary interwoven networks of communities, with aligned values and a shared identity. They mutualise resources to redistribute them within the network and to engage in collective action, through participatory governance and interdependency between nodes


If you would like to support us on our joinery find how you can help here.

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